You’ve got to start somewhere.

My friend Modern June over at Daisy & June started a ninety-day Just Be Journey to get herself into tip-top shape. I’ve decided to join her journey by beginning to run again and to lose the infamous last te002n pounds. I’m getting married in October, after all!

Week 1: A used treadmill finally made its way to my doorstep this morning. I promptly did a happy dance on the treadmill, as evidenced in the picture below. During my lunch break, I ran a sluggish 2.01 mi at a 13:44 pace. But it was a glorious snail’s pace! We (and by “we” I mean the two strong men who set the treadmill up in our sun room) positioned the treadmill so that I could look out of several windows. Winter decided to make its return today, so it was neat to be able to run and watch the flakes fly.


(Lookie! Here I am!)

I need to be mindful of stretching before and after runs. I’m notoriously horrible for saying, “I’ll be fine!” and then hurting myself somehow. Take a look at this article about stretching.


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