Hello, Spring?

This weekend I decided to try out my new iPod Nano (named bNano) that my fiance, Tom, gave me for Valentine’s Day. My daughter Delaney and I took two short walks on Saturday and Sunday. They weren’t very far (0.7 mi and 1.3 mi respectively), but it was so nice to get outside for some fresh air. It made me miss jogging that much more.

Although I truly love winter, I’m ready for spring to get here so that I can start jogging outside again. As part of my #justbejourney, my goal is to start exercising again. Right now it’s just baby steps with walks or crunches while watching TV at night. I did sign up for the Run or Dye, and I hope to sign up for more this year.

I signed up for the Weigh-to-Go! challenge that begins on March 4 (my birthday!) with my Weight Watchers Leader Coach, Suzanne and her group Lose With Suz.

I also want to just be in the MOMENT more—to not worry so much in general. I’m a worry wart by nature and have the worst Type A personality, so having a toddler now kind of throws me off balance at times. I need to learn to go with the flow more and just enjoy each moment.

Oh, and while we’re talking about wants, here’s a little list of my spring must-haves:

1: Sweaty Bands (in Strut Your Stuff and Fly With Me)

2: Anything by Swirlgear

3: More Thorlos running socks


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